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About Us

Our Story

In 2014 the International Medieval Combat Federation was founded

The federation was specifically founded because many members were unhappy with the only existing other organisation: HMBIA.
As a result, many of the HMBIA member nations joined to form the IMCF and its first event was to be at Castillo de Belmonte in Spain.

In fact, 20 nations joined for the first World Championship in Belmonte and we were able to establish the IMCF as an independent international organisation running world championships each year until the Covid-19 period.

9 years after its founding it became obvious that the IMCF needed a major rework. By then, we were on unincorporated association based on a constitution set in the UK. But we needed to be more than that.
That’s why we started with a new board of directors and turned the IMCF into a registered non-profit association which has its seat in Luxembourg, in the center of Europe.

Its first event is going to be again in Castillo de Belmonte. The World Championship in Belmonte is going to be an important starting point after the years of Covid-19 and the challenges we faced so far.

We are motivated to make this new IMCF the best it can be.

We are driven by values

We value sportsmanship, fairness and respect.
As such, our aim is to help develop the sport over the whole world and run the World Championship in Medieval Armoured Combat.

We want to make this sport available to as many people as possible and for the best of them, we want to run a world championship with high competivity.

The new IMCF is also going to help local teams a lot more in setting up a solid base for their sport practices.

Our Head Marshal has created a Certification process which will allow anyone worldwide to train to become a certified marshal.

Open Minded

All members of the Board of Directors are athletes or marshals themselves. So we are close to the other athletes and listening to their ideas, complaints, proposals. Being openminded means bringing in the input from other athletes, marshals and supporters.

Deeply Committed

As we are athletes and marshals ourselves, we are deeply committed in making this IMCF run the most efficiently possible and to create the best experience for fighters, marshals and spectators. It is in our own interest.

Highly Skilled

Each member of the Board of Directors is highly skilled in different fields. Together we have the experience and drive to make this IMCF what it was supposed to be: An international non-profit federation developing this sport.

Laurent Bemtgen


Heinrich Wurzian

Secretary General

Alexandra Munoz

Head Marshal

Tristan Mrotzek


Enewald Lappeteläinen

Strategy Officer


Vice Chairman


Marketing Officer